Frequently asked questions

Will my mortgage be affected?

Your mortgage provider has a duty to treat you fairly and there are no grounds for them to ask for the mortgage to be repaid or to change the payments based on a claim being made. However, if we identify a mortgage breach on the part of your lender and your claim is successful, your payments may change after your claim as the lender will be required to apply the correct interest and charges.

Will I be prevented from applying for future mortgages?

Your claim will not be registered with any credit referencing agency and you will be able to re-mortgage or apply for a new mortgage just as you can now. Your current lender could even offer you a better deal moving forward.

What if I don't have all my paperwork?

We don’t expect you to provide to us the documentation from your mortgage arrangement. As long as you can tell us who provides your mortgage and the date it was instated we should be able to validate your claim or inform you otherwise. We will ask a few other questions to gather the circumstances of the sale but it’s unlikely you will need to check paperwork to answer these simple questions.

What if the advisor is no longer in business?

If the company or adviser who sold you the mortgage has stopped trading, had their licence withdrawn or gone out of business, it may still be possible to make a claim against the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Please contact us and we will discuss this with you further.

Can I still claim if I no longer have the property that was mortgaged?

The simple answer is, Yes! Perhaps your property was repossessed as you couldn’t afford the mortgage payments from the beginning? Perhaps you had to sell the property and downsize or rent? Perhaps you invested in a property abroad which was overvalued or never got built and raised money on your residential home to do so? If this sounds like you, it’s highly likely you have a valid claim. Contact us or fill in our web form for a report to find out today.

What if this was a joint mortgage?

Your ability to claim will not be affected by there being joint names on the mortgage as both are eligible to make a claim. However, we will need both parties consent and cooperation with the case. Therefore, in order to proceed we would need a signature from all parties. If a party is deceased we can assess your case, provided that you can supply us with a death certificate and name of the executor of the deceased estate.

What if I have since re-mortgaged?

You may have a valid claim for each mortgage.

How long does it take to resolve?

Claims are expected to take 12-14 months to conclude.

What are the fee's?

All our cases are taken on a No Win No Fee basis, so all costs will be covered by the ATE policy in the event your case is not successful. Mortgage-Claims do not charge you for our services. However, in the event your claim is successful your solicitor will deduct up to 35% + VAT from compensation awarded, to cover their legal fees, also a deduction will be made if you are required to take out an After The Event insurance policy and/or enter into a funding agreement to cover your legal expenses.

Will I have to go to court?

Your solicitor will advise you on the best way to proceed with your case and you must be prepared to attend court if necessary, although many cases are likely to settle before trial.





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